Salwar Kameez

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A salwar kameez is one of the oldest traditions of India and a favourite of Indian women across states and linguistic boundaries. It is also known as Punjabi suit. It exudes feminity and adds to the persona of the Indian womanSalwar Kameez is a traditional dress used by various people of South-Central Asia. We have a wide collection of Salwar Kameez. It has transformed with the time and look has changed from traditional to more contemporary. A number of variations have been introduced and these include variations in the fabric used, the kind of work done and the cuts as well. It is a very graceful outfit which can be used at formal events, work place and other occasions.

The Salwar Kameez is a beautifully crafted and designed women’s wear, which brings out the delicate beauty of women. The Salwar Kameez consists of a long shirt or tunic called the Kameez, worn over a pant like clothing, called a Salwar. The whole ensemble along with a long scarf like over-wear, called the Dupatta, is known as Salwar Kameez. Salwar Kameez retains its feminine charm with newer appeal and designs each season. To wrap up, there is still plenty of scope for you to experiment, imagine and create new looks by combining unusual colours.

Salwar Kameez, nowadays are considered to be a traditional alternative to other conventional dresses, as it provides more comfort in moving about and around without losing mthat traditional gracefulness that we Indians love so much. Choose from our wide range of ensembles that makes you look the best in tasteful colour combinations and add character to your style every season. Balance the look with statement neckpieces and traditional accessories – kadhas, bangles, chokers for the neck, bohemian tiaras in silver and pearls. We also have variety of color options and different types of fabric and designs available on 

So if you are looking for the perfect salwar kameez online, we have it for you. Wearing a Salwar Kameez is easy as pie! Just put on the Shalwar or churidar first and then put on the Kameez. Pair your attire with a matching dupatta and you’re all set to rack the Salwar Kameez. These versatile and evergreen outfit can be worn practically everywhere, from cultural gathering to corporate offices. The charm and beauty of Salwar Kameez is never-fading. Grace your outfit with a braid done sideways, French, Dutch or Fishtail style. You can also give yourself a chic look by wrapping the braid into a bun. If getting dressed up for a special occasion, in that case, definitely go in for a traditional bun. It looks ethnic and also highlights the maang tikka, jhoomar, flowers or any other head accessory that you might have planned to adorn your hair with. Or if your salwar kameez is light in color and has very little work on it, then wear your hair rough. Better still, opt for a messy bun. Curl your locks as curl bangs and it will look so classy.