Straight cut suits

Ravishing orange cotton s..

Code: RAV310
INR 3800

Ravishing black cotton sa..

Code: RAV309
INR 3800

Ravishing violet cotton s..

Code: RAV308
INR 3800

Ravishing peach cotton sa..

Code: RAV307
INR 3800

Ravishing green cotton sa..

Code: RAV306
INR 3800

Ravishing maroon cotton s..

Code: RAV305
INR 3800

Ravishing brown cotton sa..

Code: RAV304
INR 3800

Ravishing red cotton sati..

Code: RAV303
INR 3800

Ravishing grey cotton sat..

Code: RAV302
INR 3800

Ravishing yellow cotton s..

Code: RAV301
INR 3800

navy blue cotton embroide..

Code: CWP15
INR 1800

beige cotton embroidered ..

Code: CWP14
INR 1800

red embroidered cotton wo..

Code: CWP13
INR 1800

black cotton embroidered ..

Code: CWP12
INR 1800

rama cotton embroidered w..

Code: CWP11
INR 1800

pink cotton embroidered w..

Code: CWP10
INR 1800

grey embroidered cotton w..

Code: CWP09
INR 1800

green embroidered cotton ..

Code: CWP08
INR 1800

mustard cotton embroidere..

Code: CWP07
INR 1800

blue cotton embroidered w..

Code: CWP06
INR 1800

magenta cotton embroidere..

Code: CWP05
INR 1800

Buy Women's Cut Suits Online At Makeoveronline:

It goes without saying that salwars and sarees are the ethic dresses of India. These dresses represent the culture, custom and the rich heritage and tradition that India has. In the context of salwars, it is important note that there are wide varieties of salwars available today. These are made in different designs, cuts and styles. Among these varieties, the straight suits are the timeless varieties. Despite the fact that plenty of new designs have come in the market the straight cut suits continue to attract the attention of large numbers of women of different generations.

While simple straight salwar kameez may be great to wear to work or for other everyday chores, elaborately crafted designer straight salwar suits are good options for parties or other functions. Straight Cut suits have been in fashion for as long as one can remember. Simple or Designer straight suits are like staples in an Indian women’s wardrobe. Straight cut salwar salwar designs mostly depend upon the taste of the women wearing it and it is easy to make straight fit suits according to a ladies’ preference since the silhouette mostly remains the same.

Straight cut dresses has always found popularity at all time, be it in the older times or be for the young generation of today! In earlier times, women were used to wearing simple salwar Kameez that was either printed or embroidered. Today, even after having a wide variety of salwar suits; women prefer wearing the straight cut salwar Kameez for great comfort and style. Straight suit designs can be as simple as a plain straight suit made with cotton or raw silks with no embroideries or they can be as elaborate as straight cut churidar suits made with georgette, chiffon, silk or brocade complete with intricate embroideries like zardosi, zari work or Swarovski and other kinds of stone works.

At Makeoveronline, we have a variety of straight suits online with a segment dedicated to women who may be fascinated with this particular style. Straight salwar suits are timeless, with women of all ages loving it equally. With a great variety of Online Straight cut salwar suits, we cater to the demand of all kinds of women. Grace your outfit with a braid done sideways, French, Dutch or Fishtail style.

You can also give yourself a chic look by wrapping the braid into a bun. If getting dressed up for a special occasion, in that case, definitely go in for a traditional bun. It looks ethnic and also highlights the maang tikka, jhoomar, flowers or any other head accessory that you might have planned to adorn your hair with. Or if your salwar kameez is light in color and has very little work on it, then wear your hair rough. Better still, opt for a messy bun. Curl your locks as curl bangs and it will look so classy.